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Today was the day I get myself back on track…  I always want to work on a million projects, but that doesn’t work out at all.  So instead of trying to tackle a bunch of big projects, little goals are definitely working out much better.

So far today I have-

  • Finished some stuff for taxes
  • Update my budget for April… planning ahead is important
  • Finished a chapter in Clash of Kings… Game of Thrones is coming
  • Officially did my first wedding planning activity… started creating possible guest list
  • Spent 30 minutes working on Rosetta Stone … Yo no hablo bien el espanol

Now I’m getting the chance to actually write.   I usually spend too much time thinking about what I need or what I want to do, but today I just did it and I had a pretty damn productive day.  

Here’s to getting out and just doing what you’ve always wanted to and just letting life happen.    

Starting on book 2 #GameofThornes #books #reading (Taken with instagram)