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Yoga Pose Goals 2013

Inversions have been a fear of mine even ever since I started yoga 11 years ago, but as part of my 2013 Resolution to take chances I’m ready to conquer this fear.  

Every year I sit down and scribble out a couple of things I hope to accomplish during the year ahead.  Every year I also seem to not put much thought into my resolution as I usually stick to generic goals like lose weight, work out more and find a new job. 

This year I wanted to something a little different….  This year I actually wanted to write my goals out in an area where everyone can share in my goals and not just my journal.  This year, I also put some serious thought into my resolution. 

For 2013 I want to be more accepting of change and not to fear some of life’s uncertainties.   I want to relish in new opportunities and take chances.

2013 is also the year I turn 30 years old and I want to be proud of my accomplishments in life this far and be open to what the next 30 years may bring.

I want to follow my heart more and stop giving into my over-analytical brain, it’s keeping me from following my passions and what makes me truly happy every day.  

In normal Aries fashion…  I love starting a hundred projects and maybe half get done when I want them to.   So as I embark on my final year of my twenties, I have made it a goal to learn to focus on a few tasks at a time and not to start something new until I have completed something.  

My goal for April is to finally get a handle on making and sticking to my budget.  I was introduced to Mint, but wasn’t using it often enough to really get an accurate gauge on my spending. Finally the last few months I have been learning a lot about how make a budget and track it correctly.  

Here are some tips to help get spending under control:

- The last week of the month, I start looking at what I have going on the next month. (bills, special engagements and other things that might cause unusual spending)

- Make a list of your bills and what needs to be set aside for that.  (I make a spreadsheet with amount and dates so I always have it and it is easy to follow) 

- Estimate money spent on food, gas and other necessities. 

- Anything left over can be budgeted for entertainment and savings.  (I automatically include savings in my budget so I can start building my saving instead of just using what is left)

-  Check budget and recalculate often…  (I check Mint almost as often as I check my bank account.   I make sure things are categorized were I instead for them to be and that I am on track with my spending) 

With all my do-diligence I am going to end my month on a high note and in the green instead of the red.  Now that I got my budgets all set-up and accurately tracking how I would like them to, I can start focusing some of my attention on the next thing I want to accomplish.  

Today was the day I get myself back on track…  I always want to work on a million projects, but that doesn’t work out at all.  So instead of trying to tackle a bunch of big projects, little goals are definitely working out much better.

So far today I have-

  • Finished some stuff for taxes
  • Update my budget for April… planning ahead is important
  • Finished a chapter in Clash of Kings… Game of Thrones is coming
  • Officially did my first wedding planning activity… started creating possible guest list
  • Spent 30 minutes working on Rosetta Stone … Yo no hablo bien el espanol

Now I’m getting the chance to actually write.   I usually spend too much time thinking about what I need or what I want to do, but today I just did it and I had a pretty damn productive day.  

Here’s to getting out and just doing what you’ve always wanted to and just letting life happen.    

So it’s been a long while since I have posted anything.  I may have fallen off the wagon a bit, but I have big plans for 2012 so time to get my butt in gear.  

So it’s been a long while since I have posted anything.  I may have fallen off the wagon a bit, but I have big plans for 2012 so time to get my butt in gear.