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LOVE this fun #bts shot of @barnaby_jones_dls & I at yesterday’s shoot. 📷Photographer: @mksimages 💆Hair: @raymab_ 💄Make-up: @oohande Wardrobe: @cheriwonderlandcorsets #modelmonday #socalphotoassoc #darkandsexy (at Wonderland Studios OC)

Easy way to kill time and make some extra cash…

Good Morning!!! #nofilter #sunshine ☀️🌲 (at Pleasure Point Marina LLC)

Is it Friday yet?  

Come out for some laughs in Hollywood and see a few favorites from the Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque. 

Yoga training week 2 in-depth posture study

This weeks posture of choice: Utkatasana (chair pose)

Posture is great for toning thighs and back, while building endurance. For bonus, add squats for a tighter tushy. 

As part of my Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Extensions I have to do weekly In-Depth Posture Study….

This weeks posture of choice: Chaturanga Dandasana

Posture is great for toning sexy arms and back
and this link has some great tips.

Yay, 1 week til VEGAS!! I’m so excited I made new pasties for the occasion. #dlsburlesque #roxystarr

We have always been the underdog in the world of burlesque in Los Angeles.  We are currently seeking to improve our costume department and have funds to travel and compete in burlesque festivals all over the US.